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Mario and Cyrus, father and son, struggle to live together in a truck on Chicago’s west side as they age and grow impatient with each other’s lifestyle. Mario believes Cyrus will reach success as a rapper once he is honest with his friends and children about the reality of his life with his father. Cyrus believes his success as a rapper depends on escaping his life with his father and going on tour. Both men must come to terms with their past and face their present reality in order to prepare for their future.

Present stage of this work: First draft or cut

Chicago, IL, USA
Shira Baron is a director and producer based in Chicago. She is passionate about fostering human connection through unlikely interactions. She approaches storytelling through hybrid-genre filmmaking. Her most recent micro-short documentary, De Sol A Sol (2020), won the Horizon Award, an international competition for rising female filmmakers that grants two winners the opportunity to be screened at Sundance. Shira is experienced in managing large and small sets, overseeing operation of a film shoot, and communicating with her production team during all stages of the filmmaking process. Shira is a graduate of film studies and Art and Design at The University of Michigan. more...

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