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PETTY REBEL is based upon my formative adolescence.

A young adult out of a PV (Partner Violent) relationship. The journey to finding one's own home. Sleepless nights in cars, hoping to evolve - one day to spend life unafraid and freed.

This story is about self-acceptance and rebuilding. In remembrance of how far so many have come from an unsustainable and painful living environment. The character displays the fight to "rebuild your own home, on your own" however long the journey may be to "find yourself" after it all.
Lia, the main character, shows the power of loss from a toxic relationship to the ultimate realm of self-expression.
She doesn't know what's next, but she's giving life another chance, however best she can do it.

Tells of a girl growing from sad ruins to finding herself and flourishing within.

I am an actress, writer, and director of film. As an actress, I pull from my Meisner training to captivate a genuine experience for any audience, crew, and fellow cast – I strive for truth in acting. As a writer, I choose to draw upon my own experiences and those of others to bring them, intertwined and extended, in a written format to share, relate, and support the world with cultivated, meaningful stories As a director, I pull from my training, while consistently bringing together a collaborative team for projects of like minded people to give our audience an opportunity to answer from what we observe My aim is to provide my audience with works and projects that relate, support, and provide people with. more...

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