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The film Pam is about An overweight girl goes to the gym -- and falls prey to a toxic trainer. This was inspired by my weight loss story and the self-hate I had toward my body image. I want to share this story because there aren't enough films that have plus-size actors as the leads. I wanted them to feel seen and to know that they aren't alone. That self-love no matter what you look like leads to happiness.

Luke Harris is a New Orleans native and a graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts majoring in Film & Television Production. He created his own production company, Lucky Luke Productions. He wrote and edited “The First Day of Being Black" that’s a Jury Award winner at the DGA. and he co-wrote and co-produced a show that’s a finalist at the Television College Emmy. He was a finalist at the 2022 South Pitch, and his short film "Tambou" won the #CreateLouisiana Grant where it will premiere at the 26th French Film Festival. He was selected to be the director of NOVAC’s 2023 documentary cohort. more...

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