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This is a short film that aims to explore the strange, hallucinogenic aspects of workout culture. I like working out and going to the gym, but have always felt out of place and a little bit absurd about the culture. But I also kind of find that same strangeness of the culture kind of charming. I hope this can come across in the piece. The story needs work, as it doesn't feel like it's "hanging together" yet, so I would like to hear how you think it feels, what is missing that would make it more satisfying for you the reader.

Most of all, thank you so much for having a read.

I am a Canadian director going to camera Oct '22 on my first official short film that I have written and directed. Very pleased to meet you, feel free to connect with me on instagram (@johnnystagram) and share your work. I LOVE to read others work and talk and connect on creative conversations so don't hesitate to reach out. I have been making music, photos, videos since I was a teenager in the small city of Halifax, NS, Canada. I went on to be a TV producer, but have since focused a lot more of my attention to directing documentary pieces for the web. All the while writing and honing my craft. My goal is to become a master storyteller across platform and genre. more...

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