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/Users/tkennedy/Desktop/PEREGRINE FIRST DRAFT/Bo-Gyberg letter rePEREGRINE.rtfd I am sending this letter to show show my feature film PEREGRINE was to be directed by Phillip Borsos, a Vancouver BC filmmaker and the legendary cinematographer signed on to be the cinematographer if Borsos agreed to be director. I also was accepted as a client by the lawyer/agent Jake Bloom. SO FAR PRETTY EXCITING. As you can see, this all took place in 1979. Unfortunately, my wife informed me if I pursued this feature film she would leave and take our two kids with her. I was in grad school at Cornell at the time. I was put in a situation that forced me to kill the film to keep my kids. When my kids became college students, i left my marriage. I called phillip Borsos who had moved to LA to see if my film ould still be of interest to him. The person on the line started getting very emotion and told me Phillip died of lung cancer at age 41 and the whole staff staff at Direct Cinema were devistated. Sven loved my story, but as time had passed Sven was retired. That sadness of my "what if" tragedy has never wiped out my hope to eventually being able to bring this film to production. The interest today in Alaskan INUIT culture, Peregrine falcons and Arab crown prince royalty is greater today then it was in 2019 - much greater. I have completed 60 pages in Final Draft and have plenty to edit to make the final 30 pages. I'm feeling the need to get advice and feedback from Sundance experts. The craziest part of this whole project is Sven Nykwist and Phillip Borsos only saw a 10 page storyline. Sven had my storyline read to him over the phone by Bo-Erik who worked with Sven. As it turned out, Sven was in NYC making a film with Paul Mazursky. When we got to Washington Square Park, Sven was surrounded by paparazzi, but fought his way through the crowd and greeted me like i was a long lost nephew or family member. Thus began both my version of an Iliad and Odyssey ,until my wife killed it. When I mentioned to Bo-Erik ,who worked closely with Sven, that being harassed by paparazzi must be irritating. Bo-Erik responded by saying, oh no, this is not normal for Sven. As it turned out, all the attention was created when Mia Farrow divorced Andre Previn because she fell in love with Sven when they worked on a remake of the film HURRICANE in Polynesia. more...

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