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Tells a lot about the neighborhood that I've grow up, briefly of my relation with my sister and it's come from a need of ressignificate a racist tale. It was common childrens tell scary stories for each other and adults tell for them with adduced of punishment. That really stayed with me. So I thought: "What If this tale was real?". Then I've started to make researches and came to me the tale of Papa-Figo. This short film it's a adaptation of this tale.

São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
Alex Reis, 25, from São Paulo, actor and filmmaker, has a degree in Cinema and Animation from FAAP and Cinematographic Direction at the International Film Academy. Papa-Figo was his first film as a director and screenwriter. Exhibited at more than 20 festivals, it received 10 laurels including Best Film, Best Young Director and Best Premiere Film. His first animated short, Paloma, premiered in 2020 at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Kinoforum), won the award for best Latin American short film at the Festival of Students of Audiovisual Arts of Public and Private Universities (REC) and participated in the Short Film Market of Clermont-Ferrand 2021. more...

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