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This film tells the story of Ontario Place, located in Toronto, Ontario. What was once a vibrant theme park, is now desolate, overgrown, and a shell of its former self.

Yet, the memories we had as kids still remain.

This short uses sound and imagery to show how time can transform memories and feelings, and how no matter how the past changes things, childhood wonder and nostalgia will always be in our lives even as we grow older

Kristen Walsh is an independent producer, photographer, and creative director, spending time in both Toronto and London Ontario. A student at the Toronto Metropolitan (formally known as Ryerson) University, with a BFA in Film Studies and a minor in English, Kristen specializes in producing short form content, specifically micro budget narrative and documentary short films. During her time in school she has directed and produced 15+ projects, which included producing multiple final year thesis films. In 2022, her documentary project, The Adventure Begins, was shortlisted as part of the CBC’s AccessCBC short doc development initiative. She also received a scholarship through Warner Brothers-Discovery to study Virtual Production as a Motion Capture Technician at Sheridan College. Kristen is also the founder and lead producer of Lucky 20 Productions, a boutique media production company that looks to uplift independent filmmakers and creatives from marginalized communities, specificlly those with disabillities. In addition to film, she is also a freelance photographer, working in event and concert photography. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, watching Star Wars, making music, and petting as many dogs as she possibly can more...

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