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When two Mormon missionaries try to convert a lonely redneck, they get pulled into a summer-long adventure of crazy schemes where an unlikely friendship develops, until it’s not quite clear who is converting who.

Ryan T.G. Allsop is an award-winning director and screenwriter who carries his lifelong passion for filmmaking into every project he does. He graduated with a BFA in film from UW-Milwaukee's Peck School of the Arts in 2012. Ryan strives to create unique, dynamic, and character-driven stories that move the human spirit and deliver laughs. While he's spent years on commercial work and documentary films, he's always focused on crafting captivating narrative films. Ryan has received numerous awards for his work, and most recently multiple "Best Short Film" awards for MOUNT LIPAK. His script "Smarter, Not Harder" has placed in multiple competitions including as a semi-finalist in the Screencraft Drama Competition. Ryan continues to focus on creating compelling films for the world to enjoy. When he's not writing or directing, he’ll be out exploring the world and finding inspiration through new experiences….that or he may just be binge-watching The Office for the 218th time. more...

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