In part two of this master series, documentary director Marina Zenovich shares her expertise in getting subjects to open up and how to maximize your story.
Key Insights

  • Your film is a​n extension of who you are.
  • You have one opportunity to get what you need in an interview. Pay attention to detail and do what it takes to get the best material.
  • Listen to the ​clarity of each response and don't be afraid to ask someone to restate their answers.
  • Leave a beat between the question and the answer, ​which will help when editing.
  • During an interview, silence​ can give you a powerful moment.
  • Don't be afraid to look stupid​—ask for clarity about what you don't know.​ This can help elicit even better content​ from your interviewee​. ​
  • ​During an interview, take a moment to breathe and allow yourself to be human; this will help your interviewee open up.

Marina Zenovich is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker whose films have been praised for their powerful storytelling and their thoughtful, sensitive approach to difficult subjects and controversial people. more...

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