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A soldier writes a letter, telling how he and his friend were caught in a firefight during a retreat. He got hurt and the friend fought alone to cover and save him, but got dead short himself. Before passing away, the friend asks to deliver a special message on a piece of paper.

Born in 1998. I have been dreaming to be a cartoon director since my 8 y.o. So far, I stared at films at 7 (leading part at a documentary), 11 (supporting in a feature) and 19 (main character, feature short) years old. At 20 I was doing a professional feature movie, working full time as a set designer assistant at the Belarusfilm Studios (feature film by famous Russian film director D. Astrakhan) I speak fluently Russian, Belarusian, English, can communicate in German, Ukrainian, Polish languages. My video and design programs are: Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Illustrator; DaVinchi Currently the Baltic Film and Media school is my Alma Amater. more...

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