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Inspired by my upbringing growing up as a queer Afro-Latinx Native New Yorker in the projects.

Logline: Defying society’s standards of existence, this group of queer, mixed, unapologetic, Native New Yorkers navigate sexuality, love, self-worth, success, and all that comes with adulting.

FWI: Beginning writer here. This is my first full-length project. I'd consider this a second draft. I'd really love to know the tone this body of work give y'all and if y'all are genuinely interested in knowing more about these characters and the world they live in. Alongside notes on structure, character development, storylines, and anything else you feel would help me in this process!

Ronald Hinton is a queer Afro-Puerto Rican actor, writer, and impact creator. Acting since he was 11 years old, he has always known he's wanted to leave a footprint in media. 14 years, a BFA from Pace Performing Arts, and budding production company later, he is doing just that. Ronald's goal as a creator is to amplify Queer-BIPOC visibility in media. He founded Shared Soil Productions in the Summer of 2020 on the principle that representation leads to understanding which leads to connection. His first feature-length documentary titled, My Hair, My Rules (serving as producer/co-director) which explores the emotional relationship men of color have with their hair won Audience Choice award at the 2021 New York Lift-Off Film Festival and he recently ran a successful crowdfunding campaign which raised over $20K for a series titled, NATIVES, following the lives of a group of unapologetic, queer, native New Yorkers navigating adulthood in the projects of NYC. Passionate about bringing his whole self, across all intersections, to every one of his projects, he strives to collaborate on bodies of work that encourage the same freedoms to other artists in his community, ultimately filling the void that exists for queer artists of color. more...

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