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Miguel David is a Salvadoran living in California whose life has been marked by the recent history of El Salvador. His two names refer to his two uncles who died during the war after having been guerrillas. This brought to him a great concern to learn
more about the life of his uncles, why they decided to enter the armed struggle, and the circumstances in which they died. Through the history of his uncles, Miguel David reconstructs the revolutionary dreams of a generation that marked the present and future of El Salvador.

I was born in Tucson, Arizona, on June 3rd, 1986. The reason I was born in the USA is that my family has a political asylum during 1985-1988. My family back to El Salvador in 1988. I was living in El Salvador since I have 2 years old. I studied elementary school and college in El Salvador. I back to the USA when I have 24 years old. I have a bachelor's in arts confers by Central American University, Jose Simeon Cañas, a Jesuit institution in El Salvador. During my time as a student, I had the opportunity to explorer some interests for me in the filming world. My degree has a specialization in Social Communication. Part of the signatures I studied is the history of cinema, creative writing, and audiovisual production. These signatures give me an opportunity to understand what is the area I want to work in. For what is difficult, because I moved to the USA. It's finding a job in these areas, mostly in English is your second language. However, living in the USA give me an opportunity to save some money and start with my projects. more...

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