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As a kid, local carnival(s) were always a subject of fascination for me. Being a kid coming from a middle class family, I was fortunate enough for being able to go to these local carnivals, but at the same time, I could experience the limitations (due to financial reasons) in having an whole hearten experience of such a fascinating place. I guess, those experiences and feelings somehow emerged as multiple little incidents (fictional), when I was visiting a local carnival recently, and got developed in the form of this short film.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Born and brought up in Indore; I am an electronic media graduate, working as an independent and freelance filmmaker. In the initial days of my college, I co-founded an independent production by the name "Light Trails production" along with a group of like minded people. Under which, we have made a number of films, documentaries, music videos and commercials too. I am a Director, Writer and Editor who have worked intensively in all the three aspects (Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production) of a number of audio-visual media works. From fiction to nonfiction, and advertisements to commercials, I have successfully created almost each and every type of audio-visual media work; Several of which have been part of, selected and won many local, national and International appreciations through film festivals and screenings across the globe. Currently living in Indore and working on an independent and freelance basis, I am always either working on or looking for something unique, interesting and meaningful to create and work upon. I believe in working and collaborating with different people, exploring the new dynamics and possibilities, hence always eager and open to work with new people and new opportunities. For this purpose I go wherever the work leads me and have worked upon many different ideas, concepts and projects to successfully translate them on screen. To sum up my passion, I am an all-arts driven person who keenly explores film making, writing (literature), photography and visual arts. more...

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