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Every filmmaker needs a legal toolkit to help maneuver through the complex field of intellectual rights acquisition and protection. Janis Nelson (former General Counsel, Sundance Institute) moderates a panel discussion for producers, directors and screenwriters, which reveals what you need to know about managing – and protecting – intellectual property from development through distribution.

Topics presented include:

  • How the law and filmmaking intersect
  • The concept of intellectual property
  • Copyright law
  • 1st Amendment rights, including life rights
  • The international landscape of rights
  • Licensing rights
  • Sales agents
  • The back-end
  • Useful resources (online and industry-based)

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Janis Nelson is General Counsel of Sundance Institute. Prior to joining Sundance Institute, Janis worked for more than 30 years as an entertainment attorney representing, among others, producers, directors, screenwriters, authors, financiers, studios, production companies and distributors in the motion picture and television industries, as well as in theatre and publishing. more...

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