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Logline: Stop motion animation chronicling the experience of a dying man.

Director's Statement
After losing both of my Grandparents and seeing them in a coma before they passed, hearing the oxygen machine's rhythm, and seeing them on their backs with that serene expression on their faces, and then losing a close family member to a COVID-19 coma, my mind started wondering what was happening to them. It's a lot to have on your mind, so the best way for me to make anything feel better is to make a film about whatever is bothering me.

Maia Buljeta is a film director and the CEO of humanitarian film production company Hypothius Picturehouse. With multiple collaborations with a variety of organizations including as an invited panelist speaker at the 2022 UNICEF USA Earth Day event, and with Academy Award-qualifying San Francisco International Film Festival, Maia has worked to create universal joy with cinema. She directed her debut feature film His with a cast that includes Michael C. Williams from the Blair Witch Project. Maia also worked as a film educator at the Jacob Burns Film Center Media Arts Lab for four years. Her previous short films have gone on to screen in numerous theaters and international film festivals. more...

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