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I wanted to raise awareness on the topic of immigration with a scenario that has plenty of cliff hangers. I want to warm the hearts of the people that are against immigration as well as to educate the youth to keep advocating for those that are afraid to speak.

Edgar Aquino Huerta was born in Puebla, Mexico in a small town called San Nicolas Tolentino. At the age of two, his mother carried him over the border in search of better opportunities. He is the son of immigrant farm workers and he always knew he wanted to create change when he grew up because of the corrupt, mistreatment, and humiliation his mother went through. At the age of 13 his mother got very ill and had to return to Mexico for treatment because she could not afford being treated in America. Ever since then Edgar began working in the fields and packing houses over his summers in order to send money to his mother and for himself to survive as well. He became the farm worker and finally understood the poor conditions his mother faced. Luckily in 2012 he was introduced to DACA and had the choice of working in a “normal” job during the summers or stay in the fields/packing houses. He chose the fields/packing houses because he saw the beauty in it and started a family with the people who raised him while his mother was away. After High School he attended community college and Rowan University to pursue a degree in film. He’s become one of the many voices for his community through his story and being an outreach organizer in his undocumented community has given his artwork more meaning. more...

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