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A story of “the most copied girl in America,” Audrey Munson, whose nude body was reproduced in hundreds of beaux-arts statues – but whose living, breathing body was forgotten.

Morgan Hulquist
Morgan Hulquist is an emerging filmmaker and the director of the short film MEMORY, PURITY & MORE. She is an Associate Producer at Multitude Films, a queer- and women-led independent production company dedicated to telling nonfiction stories by and about historically excluded and underrepresented communities. Prior to joining Multitude, Morgan was Communications Coordinator at Chicken & Egg Pictures and a freelance Archival Producer. Morgan’s credits include Production Coordinator on IT’S ONLY LIFE AFTER ALL (Sundance 2023) and LOWNDES COUNTY AND THE ROAD TO BLACK POWER (Peacock 2023) and Production Assistant on ACTS & INTERMISSIONS: EMMA GOLDMAN IN AMERICA (MoMA Doc Fortnight 2017). Originally from San Diego, she has studied filmmaking at Hampshire College in Massachusetts and Brooklyn College in New York.

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