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What if Kelli was the star of the show? What is Kelli & Ahmal got along? What if Molly was pre-med? What if Tiffany & Issa hooked-up? It all goes down in Insecure: The College Years.

New York, NY, USA
Dominique Nieves is a Nuyorican actress, writer, producer, director and founder of Iron Glove Productions. She took courses in writing & film in high school & as an undergrad at Columbia University, but it wasn't until she pursued acting professionally that she realized she was passionate about making her own work from the ground up. As an actress, she is known for portraying strong willed characters and her commanding presence. As a filmmaker she aims to highlight imperative social justice issues by challenging audiences to examine unique perspectives. Her current films on the festival circuit explore society's perceptions of sexual assault and immigration. In addition to her life as an artist, Nieves is a Medical Student at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York. She finds that the same tools she uses to create characters as an actress and writer, can be used to build relationships with patients. She uses her creative work as an outlet for activism; raising awareness and impacting others. more...

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