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Loveboat Takeout is an experimental docu-fiction short about my family’s former business endeavor of opening a Chinese restaurant in Miami, FL. The restaurant's delivery driver does not belong to the city, the Miami locals only want them for their Americanized-Chinese cuisine. The immigrant population comprises half of the Miami population, most being Latin American. There's an overall consensus in the city that the labor of immigrants is essential, however, there's less recognition of the Asian population’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Overall, the film is a celebration of the Asian diaspora and opens up a dialogue about labor and diversity in Miami.

I am an artist and filmmaker, based in Miami and New York City. Currently, I’m in the process of receiving a BFA from Parsons School of Design in Fine Arts and a BA from The New School in Screen Studies (2023). My work often dissects my personal experiences of being a half-Guatemalan and half-Chinese-American individual. I address these concepts predominantly through time-based work that includes video and performance. I want to show a glimpse of my family’s homes to recognize their efforts of preserving their cultural heritage while still adapting their version of the American dream. more...

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