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On the last episode of Los Espookys, Andrés finds out his adoptive parents, Mr. & Mrs. Valdez, are actually his biological parents. This makes him "just a guy who lives with his parents". However, we've seen Andrés make the lights flicker on multiple occasions, manipulate ocean waves, and even have full on conversations with "The Water's Shadow", a demon parasite that lives inside of him.

In this TV Twist I've decided to give Andrés the spooky backstory he deserves.

What if Mr. & Mrs. Valdez were NOT Andrés real parents and Tati had the answer all along?

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Aspiring filmmaker. Making my way into the industry one fart joke at a time. No real credits yet but I'm still waiting for A24 to email me back about that gay pirate pilot. more...

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