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In a country where the importance of cultural diversity is constantly debated, finding quality cultural arts programs in public schools is becoming a rare occurrence. But, a small town highschool in NJ has managed to create an artistic community unlike any other, housing what many labeled “the crown jewels of West Orange “: the AB-Salute Boys’ Stepteam, Nu Theta Omega Girls’ Stepteam, and West Orange Jubilee Choir. This collective has become known for its performing arts skills and advanced displays of cultural diversity, generating larger crowds than the school's football team. But what lies underneath the praise and prowess?

Anya Dillard is a 19-year-old human rights activist, social entrepreneur, model, content creator, and aspiring filmmaker. She is also the founder of The Next Gen Come Up – a 501(c)3 nonprofit that encourages young people to explore activism, pursue community service, and raise awareness through creative expression. more...

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