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Music video for song "Beneath Dark Days" by Liza Oliver

In the same fashion as the great Neil Young, pianist turned film director Martin Gallegos feels comfortable as long as he is making art, whether he is playing the piano keys, or shooting a video. Unlike Young, though, he uses his real name in both realms. First-time filmmaker, Peruvian-born Gallegos came to the USA on a scholarship to study a Master of Music degree and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree that specializes in accompanying and coaching singers. Not surprisingly, and because of his enthrallment with Quentin Tarantino's films, especially the music choices in his films, he decided to start making music video clips, armed only with two small cameras that fit in his pocket. In 2022, Gallegos completed the music video for the song "Beneath Dark Days", performed by his wife, singer songwriter Liza Oliver, and composed by his lifelong friend, guitarist Julio Castro. Of course, Gallegos could not resist the urge to be a part of the music making and recorded the piano part in the song. As a pianist composer, Gallegos is also very interested in the sync licensing sphere and hopes to collaborate with filmmakers sharing his piano music. more...

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