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Developed by Centrifuge Arts over three days, featuring poetry and improvised movement and sound captured on an iPhone, "Letters to the Universe" is a poetic dance film born of necessity that asks, in a time of a global pandemic and grave uncertainty about the future: how can we be with ourselves without the things that distract or embellish our existence? Is it possible to imagine who we might become without our productivity, our connections, our societal badges of honor? And in taking the time and the space to truly see ourselves, for perhaps the first time in our lives, can we find grace?

This film is a documentation of improvised music and dance filmed in Los Angeles and at Griffith Observatory on March 22, 2020 for #ARTat6ft, a socially distanced pop-up art exhibition curated by Level Ground Collective.

Artists / Creators:
Simone Tetrault
Rich Johnson
Marie Osterman
Christina Braa


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