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Sarveshwar Prasad's family is among the very few people in his village in northern India's Uttarakhand state who have not migrated away out of fear of leopards. These wild cats are often seen wandering in residential areas in the state's Pauri Garhwal district and sometimes mauling humans, even to death. Called Noliyo and situated in the Garhwal Himalayas the village now looks deserted, even as the remaining few families are also planning to move out. The human-wildlife conflict caries on amid what appears to be the government's neglect of the residents' plight.

A storyteller at heart, I have produced multiple documentaries, explainers and news reports on topics like society, culture, gender, geo-politics and environment which has been published on various platforms. As a journalist/ filmmaker, I firmly believe stories are vehicles of empathy and have the power to start a larger public discussion. In times, when the internet is filled with content, quality is one of the key things that helps the content to stand out. With a surgical eye for detailing and industry-standard workflow, I always strive to bring out the best quality in my work. My role includes researching, cinematography, scripting, editing, audio post-production and motion graphics. I have experience working from the conceptualisation of a story to making a finished product. more...

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