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A man climbing the ladder of corporate success gets a visit from his past that pushes him into a psychological meltdown where the line between reality and fiction gets increasingly thin.

Aiden Keltner
Aiden Keltner, a 21 year old San Diego and Los Angeles based filmmaker, directed his first film when he was 8 and has been making films ever since. Because Aiden’s father is a psychiatrist and he has multiple family members with mental illnesses, the mental health community has always been a part of his life. Because of this, Aiden is dedicated to bringing light to underrepresented stories from this community and wants to use his voice as a filmmaker to tell stories of those with mental illnesses whose voices have been ignored and forgotten. Because of his homeschooling background, Aiden was able to work professionally on sets starting at the age of 15 on a feature film. Additionally through high school, Aiden worked and volunteered on sets at graduate film schools such as the American Film Institute, USC, UCLA, and NYFA, in addition to working for graduates from NYU. From these opportunities, Aiden was able to sit in on lectures at these schools and learn from the students he worked for. This is also where Aiden met his current creative collaborators. After graduating high school, instead of attending film school, Aiden works professionally crewing on commercials and feature films. Aiden has directed multiple award-winning short films which have screened internationally at various festivals as well as being distributed on PBS' website. He is dedicated to his craft and will continue to tell compelling, powerful stories in the future.

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