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October 18, 2019. Chile woke up. As millions take to the streets to protest against the government, the president and his collaborators decide to supress the citizens with police brutality. Images recorded in the present merge with voices from the days of Pinochet and his allies, reminding us of the dark past that repeats itself in modern day Chile.

Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile
Born in Santiago de Chile, Juan Cifuentes Mera is a filmmaker graduated from Universidad Católica de Chile. In 2020 he premiered “The Eyes of the Toad” (documentary), winner of best short film at FECICH 12 and winner of the Juan Downey Contest at the 15 Santiago Biennial of Media Arts. His second short film, "Behind Closed Doors" (fiction), co-directed with Javiera Cordero, premiered at the Lebu Film Festival in 2022. His latest short film, "Corrupted" (Hybrid) premiered at Hot Docs 2022. more...

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