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Konungr follows a Viking chief who is forced to conquer new lands to save her people from a fiery storm. The story was inspired by the Rök - an ancient Swedish runestone that was successfully translated last year. The stone describes Ragnarok - a Norse myth depicting the end of the world, and the events of Ragnarok parallel the devastating, world-changing events of 2020; from fires to pandemics. Through the Fantasy genre, I wanted to use the Rök to metaphor these events and use my Viking chief's journey to emphasise the need for sacrifice and working together during unprecedented times.

Glasgow, UK
I am a producer and director currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. Coming from a background of artists and athletes, my love of the Fantasy genre was coupled with a love of the sport, Strongman. Strongman is steeped in Celtic and Scandinavian history, so I use the history and folklore surrounding my sport to create Fantasy and genre content that reconceptualises history to tell compelling, modern narratives. more...

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