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Logline: A surrealist coming-of-age tale centred around a socially awkward loner who tries to navigate his life after he learns he is not as "socially acceptable" as society intended him to be.

This is a full screenplay that is a work in progress. As you can see, I don't even have a title. I have just written my first draft (some scenes are not complete). The entire script does not need to be read. I am just looking for feedback pertaining to story structure and ultimately, want to get a set of eyes that are not mine to take a look at it. The first act may be my weakest. The story is very character-driven and some may flag it as lacking plot (would like to have more cause and effect scenes and want to do a better job at externalizing the internal conflict). Although, that is what I was intending to create, taking inspiration from films, such as Linklater's Boyhood and Mike Mills' 20th Century Women. I have also used voice-over throughout the entire script which is a big "NO-NO" for many screenwriting "gurus" but this felt right.

Adam Argyrides

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