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This project was shot during the midst of the Covid outbreak back in October 2020 when myself and my co-creating partner decided to push past challenges at that time, get our own equipment together and just shoot our sizzle reel. We followed all guidelines and testing and found a great group of female actors, willing to be apart of a women and minority led production.

The Story: Desperate to change the course of her life for herself and her daughter, Jillian, a diner waitress in Phoenix takes up what seems like an opportunity of a lifetime to become a content moderator for the world’s largest social media platform. With one eye on the future and the other on her past, Jillian isn’t prepared for the trauma her new seemingly safe job has in store for her. Not having been equipped to manage her own childhood trauma, she slowly begins to remember every single bit of daunting instance from her abusive father and her neglectful mother.

I'm an actress, writer and producer based in Los Angeles. I'm inspired to work on projects that tell everyday human stories and push for inclusion, compassion and empathy. My career goals include being able to get the opportunity to portray a vulnerable, strong, vivid character in a film or show that'll give me the chance to showcase to the world my story and will give me recognition and respect for my work. I am also passionate about using this path to have my production company Franklin Avenue Studios collaborate and showcase projects that are inclusive and push for fresh new voices in Hollywood. more...

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