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Two men meet at a diner at night five years after losing contact with one another. As they reconnect the images of their past flash before their eyes, giving us a look into the circumstances that led to the end of their relationship.

Aden Suchak
Albany, NY, USA
Aden Suchak is a director, writer and visual artist from Albany, New York. He has been writing and directing films since he was 12. Aden’s art is focused on themes of identity and belonging that connect to his own background. His images and stories emphasize kinetic energy, color and flow to create pieces that represent people and characters he relates to in empowering ways. His short documentary “Make it Float” premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2016. Aden has been contributing to The Alliance for Media Arts + Culture’s “The Issue” for the past three years, first as a contributor and editor and most recently as an Alliance Media Fellow. He is also the Visual Director for the fashion house "Head of State+." Aden is writing his first feature film. He recently received his BA in English and Documentary Studies from the University at Albany.

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