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My work has women at the helm, and in many instances they are also immigrants who are navigating a new culture but finding ways to infuse it with their own. They are women who have experience pain or trauma that has lingered within them to shape how they view and interact with the world. They seek something that perhaps cannot be fulfilled nevertheless, they don't believe their efforts are in vain. There is a healing or reckoning they are in pursuit of that seems to have been created by generations of women before them.

New York, NY, USA
I've worked in the film industry in Mumbai, India as an assistant director and have an MFA in film and video production from Ohio University. I have also worked as a creative producer with a SF based organization that made short films for several non-profits in the Bay Area. My own films strive to be socially aware and politically engaging. I'm looking to collaborate on interesting and inspiring film projects in NY and expand my network of filmmakers and fellow creative souls. more...

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