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While awareness around LGBTQ+ rights has been relatively rising in the MENA region, I found that most projects and campaigns focused on the direct external struggle of the community with society, while almost neglecting the internal side of the struggle. To me, the hardest and most defining part of the journey to come out was accepting my own self as gay and breaking the taboo. After I became content with my sexuality, the rest was much easier. This is why I chose to make this film, highlighting this specific element of a wider fight for equality.

A graduate of the Cinema & TV program at the Lebanese University, Hadi has directed three short films, produced three short films, and served as director of photography on twelve shorts. Many of these short films have been screened at multiple international film festivals. He is an IEFTA and Rotterdam Producers Lab Alumni, and he is currently working as part of the production team on the feature film “Fog”, as well as developing multiple short films as a director and producer (separately). Hadi is a proud member of the CeeFilm Beirut collective, where he works as a project manager, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer with other filmmakers. more...

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