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Ambushed and besieged, a US Cavalry Command struggles for survival until reinforcements arrive. It's a Wild West 'Black Hawk Down' in 1879.

*This is a 15-page partial of a 98-page completed feature. This action/war drama is based on the Battle of Milk Creek, one of the last true battles of the American Indian Wars and the most decorated single battle in U.S. Military history. Impasse could be produced as a sprawling epic ensemble (I just read that Ridley Scott is wanting to make a Western) or a reasonably budgeted independent. If you like the partial, the full feature can be accessed on Script Revolution.

I'm a full-time professional and part-time writer. I cut my teeth on writing a feature in 2016 (baptism by fire) and have since written two more features, 50+/- shorts, a pilot, a podcast, and 15+/- comics (illustrated by others). I've optioned a few scripts for production but none have made it to film...yet. Thank goodness for my FT profession! more...

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