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"INSPACE" is an exploration of Black bodies in white space through the mediums of dance and film. An unconventional narrative, "INSPACE" follows my experience growing up in a predominantly white school, how that has shaped who I am today, and how I have overcome that to find joy. Four dancers embody this journey from beginning to end, portraying what it truly is to be "INSPACE".

Greensboro, NC, USA
Kemari Bryant (he/him/his) is a film director and actor based in North Carolina. He has been making film projects for the past 5 years, and his most recent projects include co-writer and director for short films “Sad Clown”, “Libations”, "Brina", and “Mothman: An Anti-Hate Superhero Comedy”. He also serves as a Head of Development for Adynaton Productions, an independent film production company he co-founded. He has recently been awarded the “Resisting Narratives of Erasure Filmmakers Lab” grant through Visionary Justice Storylab, a film collective based in Atlanta, GA. more...

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