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On the hunt for peace Stanley creats a hex to help him travel to a land rumored that even the condemned souls and minds can find peace. At the end figuring out that peace isn't found on any inland nor treasure but is found within Ourselves.

Lagos, Nigeria
Stanley Anigbogu is a 21-year-old Nigerian storyteller, innovator, and engineer. He is the founder of ArtecHubs Nigeria, a leading STEAM tech skill acquisition company for young minds in the southeastern region of Nigeria. ArtecHubs Nigeria equips young persons between the age of 6 to 18 years with relevant skills needed for the workforce which includes coding, robotics, local technology, and entrepreneurship. Many African countries face significant challenges such as a lack of a good education system in STEM subjects thus depriving youth of promising career opportunities and compromising the economic growth at large. The lack of access to stable energy drastically reduces the teaching resources and classroom materials. Without electricity, teachers aren’t able to make copies of school assignments or connect to the Internet to look for materials available online such as videos and other multimedia sources. Additionally, this poses a difficulty for students to study at night without being exposed to harmful gases that affect their health. Stanley is developing solutions for these problems because he experienced them growing up and so are millions of other children across Africa and the world. Through hands-on learning processes, coding, robotics, local technology, and helping them convert and sustain their unique tech solutions into disruptive startups through our special entrepreneurship classes. ArtecHubs is currently working on tech solutions to help tackle the lack of electricity and resources for students living in rural communities. “Our Ikigai is to inspire and motivate students to become problem solvers and change-makers.” Says ArtecHubs. Due to Stanley's impact, he was able to participate and be the finalist in international programs such as Falling walls 2020, Google creative campus 2020, Johnson and Johnson champion of science 2020, and also his Team was selected as winners of the ALINOV International Bootcamp in Morocco Mohammedia 2020. For him, Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the smile and motivation on his students' faces. He also gets the chance to work with kids who aren't scared to chase their dreams that really motivates him. Stanley Anigbogu's words to changemakers and young people is, “Don't be scared to show the world what you can do, Because everyone is unique but those that share their uniqueness with the world are RARE. Dear changemaker, be Rare and solve as many problems as you can.” more...

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