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123-19 is a project that I started to create since the beginning of 2020 when the first lockdown in Indonesia and several countries started in response of Covid-19 pandemic. I documented Covid-19 protocol in my daily routine: wear mask, wash hands, and check body temperature, when this new reality feels like surrealist, like a movie. In other side, the purpose of mask become not only protection but also new fashion.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Hi, I'm Kiki Febriyanti, an artist based in Indonesia. My primary media of expression are film and visual art. Through my work, I explore topics such as gender, social issues, and culture. Growing up in Indonesia, a country with diverse cultures, has deeply influenced my perspective and artistic expression. My aim is to capture and reflect the nuances of our society, especially regarding gender and social constructs. I believe that art has the power to challenge, educate, and bring attention to important issues, and I hope to contribute to meaningful conversations through my creations. Diversity is beautiful and should be celebrated, and I hope to showcase this through my art. more...

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