About this submission

As a Ukrainian native, I found myself invested in the stories of rebirth and the cycle of death. Having discovered the poem "Shovel" by Jericho Brown, I couldn't resist its visuality and decided to translate it into a short film. I was inspired by the themes of physical exhaustion and decided to experiment to see if I could convey it through actor blocking, camera movement, and the pacing of the shots.

Synopsis: Created in response to Jericho Brown's "Shovel", the film follows a man charged with burying a man he did not kill.

Polly is a cinematographer and a recent graduate of Dartmouth College. Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Polly takes much inspiration from the Eastern European cinematic tradition and is currently completing a fellowship on the preservation of Ukrainian collective memory through film. As a non-binary artist, Polly strives to explore the themes of gender-fluidity and gender-neutral society through their films and other visual mediums. more...

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