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“How To Raise A Black Boy” based off the fantastical and literary journey of “Peter Pan,” originally was my analysis of my queer black childhood, but it grew, beyond my childhood to become a collage of my academics, of current American politics, and of the shared experience of childhood secrets that haunt our adulthoods. “How To Raise A Black Boy” is a “once upon a time” story told from the past to the future. I see myself, my brothers, my fathers, and my lovers. In this fairy-tale we can all coexist in our mutual experiences as black boys.

Justice Jamal Jones, is a multidisciplinary artist. Justice is a filmmaker, actor, and writer based in New York City. They have worked in production, creative direction, styling and as talent at Disney on Broadway, Vogue Italia, Paper Magazine, and Maybelline New York. As a black queer individual in the arts industry, Justice has often been boxed in as one or another of their disciplines. Their production company, Rainbow Farm, is Justice’s revolt to that ideal. At Rainbow Farm Justice hopes to create a space where individuals can cultivate the multiplicity of themselves outside of inaccurate binding standards. Justice uses the metaphor of a farm to describe their art practice, as it is also a homage to his upbringing. “Farming is a communal experience. I remember going to my local farmers market as a child with my parents and feeling that I was a part of a larger community. I believe art is and can be this way. I want to develop projects alongside others and cultivate a vast diverse artistic agriculture.” more...

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