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Season 4, March 4, 2016, was a big turning point for "House of Cards", at least for me. My favorite character Remy Danton masterfully played by Oscar-nominated actor, Mahershala Ali would not return in season 5. The body count jumped significantly that season increasing from 2 to 6, RIP Meechum and the lot. I wanted more from other characters particularly Claire Underwood and Remy Danton and that was not necessarily delivered up for me... What if Kevin Spacey wasn't a creep? Well, that's one thing I can't fix... but, with this wonderful exercise and opportunity delivered up by Sundance Co//ab I thought... What if season 4 began differently? What if Francis and Meechum's relationship grew and became as great as Francis' love for Call of Duty? What if Remy never leaves but shifts his political position into one of leverage for social justice issues? What if Claire Underwood really left Francis and made a push for president of the United States out of desire as opposed to default? I hope you enjoy the read to my re-imagined, what if opening to "House of Cards" season 4. And if none of this works let me add Freddy is still alive, yay! What if Freddy Hayes barbecue is resurrected too? Mmm, mmm. In all seriousness, the actor who played Freddy passed in 2018; rest in peace to the great actor Reg E. Cathey. Now check out my script!

Atlanta, GA, USA
As an award-winning filmmaker with his original footing in the Atlanta music industry, Kors brings over 12 years of experience in the film/TV industry as a writer/producer/director. His scripts have landed attachments and interest from actors such as Ryan Gosling, Idris Elba, Skylan Brooks, Nate Parker, Emayatzy Corinealdi, and even Oscar-winners such as Mahershala Ali and Regina King as well as studios, producers, agencies and management such as Sony/Columbia, David Goyer's Phantom Four, Kevin Turen, Tyler Perry's 34th Street Films, Anonymous Content, ICM, CAA, WME and more. As a BTS and documentary producer for the famed Sundance breakout hit "The Birth of a Nation" Kors contributed to script notes for the film. He has produced projects with creatives such as Issa Rae, Lena Waithe, Omari Hardwick, Armie Hammer and more. His work has been showcased and purchased by companies such as Fox Searchlight, ABC, 60 Minutes, HBO, National Geographic, Tiny Giant Studios, VH1 just to name a few. Kors recently wrapped his directorial debut feature film "Gym Rat" and as a co-writer, he is currently producing "12" chronicling the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by Cleveland Police.

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