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A true story about my cousin, Karen Jung, who grew up in our conservative Chinese American family while working for Martin Scorsese as his personal chef in the 1990s. She was an old school hippy-from-the-80s-turned-creative-connoisseur-cook. It’s 1997. She unexpectedly joins our family for our annual Chinese New Years Dim Sum dinner celebration at the Golden Unicorn Restaurant in Chinatown NYC. She comes to tell us about her recent experiences shooting “Kundun,” about the life of the Dalai Lama with Marty; her new life plans after an enlightenment experience in the desert; and why she’s quitting her job.

Grass Valley, CA, USA
As a graduate of Hunter College in NYC, having majored in Philosophy and minored in Multidisciplinary Arts, I had the upfront and personal pleasure to witness in the 90s and early 2000, an expansive “Golden Age” of multicultural cross-disciplinary pioneering during those times. Having had the opportunity to live, work, and befriend many incredibly multi-disciplinary NYC artists, I witnessed first-hand breakthroughs with many of my artist and musician friends, where creativity was exploding in the areas of drawing, music, poetry, fiction writing, painting, sculpture, filmmaking, theatre, documentary filmmaking, screenplay writing, photography, performance art, and dance, and all forms of cross-bred fusion, all during a PostModern Era where “anything goes,” which provided a unique understanding of how “envelopes” were being pushed; stereotypes challenged; and new art form were being created. As an advocate for environmental protection , climate change activism, human rights, human evolution, animal rights, gender equality, indigenous justice, ethical diplomacy, and fulfilling the SDGs by 2040, I hope to make impactful contributions in these areas through film. I also hope to more fully exploring issues and stories around identity, karma, hereditary lineage, family, and collective indigenous cultural histories as karmic impacts over time... As a Chinese-Phillipino-American writer and filmmaker I hope to bring greater voice and authentic significant representation to those who are not seen or heard. more...

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