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A heated argument occurs when Abdullah (Mikhail Sen - House of Dragon, A Suitable Boy) declares he is joining the British Military to the shock of his pacifist father Omar (Adil Akram - Spectre) and anger of his fundamentalist older brother Moh (James El-Sharawy - Tyrant, EastEnders). As their debate unfurls past resentments and revelations rise to the surface, boiling to a point where they can no longer contain themselves. The war on terror, the 7/7 bombings, the loss of the son's mother and the allegiance to either Islam or Britain. What will unfold. Family, Duty or Honour?

Film has always been a passion for Karan dating back to growing up in his late Grandfather’s video shop. Being raised within and around the London Film Industry only cultivated this path, with family and friends spread around different functions of film and media, whether it be in marketing, directing, producing, distribution, acting and development. Initially working with MADE from 2016; a charitable organization with an overall vision to contribute to reducing discrimination against BAME & LGBTQ+ Londoners, this resonated with Karan, being of Indian descent. Their first specific aim is to reduce prejudices about those communities and the second to increase career readiness for talent from those communities entering into the creative industries. In the last few years, MADE has run over 500 filmmaking workshops, 4 screening events with over 150 attendees, held an exhibition at BFI Southbank attracting over 1500 people, delivered 10 projects, and produced over 30 short films with 100,000+ online views. Winning Screenplay Competitions in 2018; Monkey Tree Bread Festival Finalist for Best Genre Screenplay and Awarded Best First Screenwriter in the London Film Awards, fuelled this drive further for Karan; to find ways of getting his ideas from the page to the screen. Studying Economics and Finance at Durham University provided him with the skill set to learn how the film market ticks. Eventually, this was reflected with his undergraduate dissertation: ‘What are the key determinants of success for the box office within the UK motion picture industry?’ which received a first. This brought Karan to production companies such as Origin Pictures and 42 Management and Production, assisting within the development departments, where he assessed potential projects and aided in the development of ongoing projects. Currently, he is on the route to developing his own work. As a writer, Karan has achieved over 25 accolades in the last year for his feature length screenplays, being a FINALIST in many prestigious festivals and competitions thus far such as: FLICKER'S RHODE ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, SCREENCRAFT, WESCREENPLAY, SCRIPTATION, CWA, FINISHLINE, BIG APPLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, VAIL FILM FESTIVAL, FILMMATIC, STORY PROS, SWN and many more. More recently Karan has been awarded a Top 10 FINALIST placement for the VISIONFEST SCREENWRTING COMPETITION 2022. more...

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