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Without a sturdy self-esteem, 20-something June mourns his life after putting all his worth in one man. Told through horror, #Gayboy2020 raises awareness to gay codependency and how haunted a life can become in the wake of the eventual separation.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Twenty-three and just out of college, Noah is ready and excited to explore the world of experimental filmmaking. Currently an Outset Film Fellow with the Outfest program, he is passionate about telling non-conventional gay stories in relatable ways, and feels empowered by the voice that filmmaking allows him. His last film #Gayboy2019 went on to premiere at LA's Outfest, Atlanta's Out on Film, the Twin Cities Film Fest, and won "Best of Show" at the Intercollegiate Film Festival, a festival for student films around the upper mid-west. more...

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