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I chose this film because it explains the story of why and how I became a filmmaker - all of my films will be like diaries that express my inner feelings and emotions, mostly relating to topics surrounding mental health. My story is one that can be shared and understood along many families who are dealing with mental health illnesses which is what pushed me past the fear of being vulnerable - as a filmmaker its essential. This is my first film that has been set as the foundation in terms of effect for all my filmography to come.

Kamika Bianca Guerra-Walker is a Canadian director, producer, writer, and actress. Kamika is half-Jamaican, half-Chilean, and was born in Calgary, Alberta. Her passion is to understand people and help people understand themselves - which led her to studies in psychology at the University of Calgary. Kamika is the founder of her own mental health organization, blossoming from her experience with mental illness in her family - it is known as, The Walker Foundation. It is set to stimulate the minds of society to integrate and embrace mental health into our daily lives. Kamika's ultimate dream is to continue to write and direct stories that will change and inspire the lives of society. She is currently in production for three projects with Telus/STORYHIVE Black Creators Edition that will premiere in Summer 2023 on Optik TV in Canada more...

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