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When a black man with an anxiety disorder finds himself on a rare date, Homeland Security interrupts to inform him that his wife has been murdered and involved him in international espionage surrounding a stolen prototype. The only problem, he's not married.

This feature spy-thriller uses suspense, action, and awkward comedy to explore the mental illness of anxiety as a disability. It also touches on themes of race and gender to further deepen the narrative. Follow Kendrick Reed as he desperately works to keep it together where staying alive is secondary to staying in control of himself.

This version is a few revisions in. There are some areas that I can tell could be improved upon, perhaps be scrapped an re-written but I've gotten to the point of not being able to see the forest for the trees. I would love some fresh eyes on it with potential ideas on how it could be refined. Thanks for the help!

Canton, OH, USA
My filmmaking career started at a local TV station when I was in 7th grade. I had a desire to make a difference and saw the power of visual storytelling. I’ve had a one-track mind ever since. My journey has led me all over the industry, giving me experience in many forms of media. I am the Creative Director for Flite Test, the world’s largest aviation content creator with a YouTube channel of over 1 million subscribers. I also write, direct, and produce all genres of films using big concept stories to reveal truths about the human experience. Through my films I want to help people laugh at themselves and cry for others, cast off their troubles and find their joy, see the invisible and hear silence. ​ I use fiction to tell the truth. more...

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