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There's nothing quite like the relationship between a black man and his barber. Good ones come and go and great ones are hard to find, however once you find the one, the seed planted from a 30 minute session can manifest into a lifelong friendship. "FRESH" highlights and celebrates the relationship between the black man and the black barber, and through the eyes of our protagonist, Rome, and his journey to find one that suits him, we get to witness the power of this relationship and the essence of what it really means to be "FRESH".

Malcolm Walker is a writer and director out of Atlanta, Georgia with a focused and defined interest in becoming entertainment mogul. Growing up in Atlanta's diverse metropolitan culture, Malcolm prides himself on the celebration and evolution of the black image in modern media and will serve to produce film, television, and multi-media content in all formats through his production company, Black Boys, Big City. Through his work in filmmaking, Malcolm strives to creatively challenge and elevate the norm, uplifting diverse voices evoking them to dream big, achieve, and reach for aspirations beyond our sight. Malcolm has earned placements in reputable screenwriting competitions from companies such as ScreenCraft, Final Draft, and WeScreenplay. Malcolm aspires to write and direct for film and television, bringing authenticity and a depth of experience onto the big screen. more...

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