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In a home robbery gone wrong, a criminal finds themselves held captive and face-to-face with their chosen victim, turned captor. Throughout the course of a single night, the two individuals find themselves oscillating between enemies and lovers through a conversation of choice, right/wrong, and the possibility of second chances— all while trying to read each other, unsure of the others’ truths and motives.

New York, NY, USA
A writer, producer, and director with the rare eye of a professional graphic designer and photographer, Jeffrey is driven to tell stories that document and represent the surrealism that exists in everyday life. Having lived in New Orleans, San Francisco, and now New York City, his view of the world has been greatly influenced by individuals across all cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Graduating from New York University with a BA in the Ethnography of Design and Film, Jeffrey has worked as a concert photographer, touring with musicians such as The XX, Chance the Rapper, The Japanese House & more. As a filmmaker, he assisted in developing A Taste of Sky; a feature documentary regarding GUSTU, the groundbreaking restaurant and cooking school based in Bolivia created by the founder of NOMA (to be released late this year). He is currently developing multiple short films and television pilots. more...

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