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El Hacha is a film about the relationship between men and nature. It is a docu-fiction based on the life and work of Miguel Ángel Fierucci. He is a rancher and he has powerful principles regarding Nature and the native cultures of his homeland. He lives in a region called “El Monte de Caldén”, located at the southwestern part of La Pampa, Argentina. A place with beautiful nature and a lot of predators. Miguel’s true battle is against furtive hunters. He is a very peaceful rancher, but deadly with the shotgun.

What you will find in this document is a synopsis and a concept paragraph. I have total acces to the subject (Miguel). We became friends during the shooting of my previous film, a fiction feauture called “Infierno grande”. Several sequences where shot at his ranch. The project is at an early stage of development (no script and no money yet).

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Alberto Romero was born in 1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated as an Audiovisual Designer at University of Buenos Aires. He is part of Puente Films, an Argentine independent filmmakers collective. His filmography includes the following works: “Hell and back”, (on postproduction) fiction feature, as writer and director "Bullseye", 2016, Doc feature, as writer, director and composer. "Pichuco", 2014, Doc feature, as writer and producer "Who killed Mariano Ferreyra?", 2013, Doc feature, as writer and producer. more...

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