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MacGyver made improvisation fun and brought many young people to science. What if he met his match in a Cuban balsero refugee? Sofia Fuentes grew up with the spirit of resolvemos "we'll figure it out", inventing and improvising out of necessity after the U.S. embargo and collapse of the U.S.S.R. left her family with very little. She rescues MacGyver and a Haitian priest refugee on her way to the U.S. while showing him the resolvemos way of practical necessary improvisation.

Dublin, Ireland
Brian Nitz (he/him) has a B.S. in Physics and a lifelong interest in science, photography, writing, travel and learning. He grew up in Wisconsin, Oakland, CA and Sarasota, FL before finding his soul mate and spending the past two decades in county Dublin, Ireland. He writes science and historical fiction and non-fiction. He is learning the craft of screenwriting. He believes that powerful emotional truths can be told through film and looks forward to collaborating to help spread empathy through this art. more...

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