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A magical egotistical teenager is left to his own devices to conjure up the greatest spell to enhance his powers which lead to unknown consequences that will alter his life forever.

Have you ever been around magick? Ever experienced what’s it like to conjure up something first hand? You haven’t. That is, until now.

An egotistical, self-centered know-it-all teen, Dr. Apples is about to conjure up something he will never be able to take back. He’s been living at his mother’s best friend’s home, Miss Toutant for a year. Miss Toutant is an evil witch who teaches Dr. Apples’ Black Magick behind his Ailing Mother’s back. With all of the ingredients and false confidence around him, Dr. Apples’ desire to cast a spell can no longer be placed on hold. Now is the time!

Overcoming tribulations of poverty with a single mother in Atlanta, GA, Lacye (apples) uses art and writing as a way to articulate her story of perseverance, spiritualism, humor and gumption to the masses. more...

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