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This is a short film that will serve as a proof on concept for the feature film which is titled "Alabama Slammer". It's based on true story and I'm hoping to expose a lot of the corruption and abuse that happens within Alabama's only women's prison as well as the unethical "donations" accepted that continues to allow the sexual, physical, and mental abuse within the prison to continue.

Montgomery, AL, USA
Hello! I am a director, writer, and actress originally from Birmingham, Alabama.I studied at Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in NYC & UCB. I have been acting in films, television, & commercials since 2010. I've been working behind the scenes as well as a producer & production coordinator. My love and passion is with filmmaking though. I love true stories. My directorial debut short film "Down in the Dumps" received accolades in film festivals across the U.S. including Best Director. I was most recently cast in Dolph Lundgren's new feature film "Castle Falls" which is scheduled to be released in 2021, given everything with Covid clears up. My next film project to tackle is called "Linda Gets Justice." It's based on a true story, about a murder that took place in Birmingham, AL. more...

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